BioSpace, based in San Francisco, publishes news articles related to the pharmaceutical, biotech and life sciences industries. Links to selected stories published on BioSpace are below. A complete list of work for BioSpace can be found here.

While working at BioSpace I have had the opportunity to interview a number of C-Suite level executives about a variety of topics related to the future of the pharma and biotech companies. Below are a select few articles.

Notorious Turing CEO Martin Shkreli Arrested for Securities Fraud Dec. 17, 2015

NEW YORK – Martin Shkreli, the pharmaceutical industry’s so-called “bad boy,” has been arrested on charges of securities fraud related to his tenure as chief executive officer of Retrophin Inc. (RTRX).

Alnylam’s John Maraganore Leads RNAi Development With a Bold Vision  April 1, 2016

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. – Alnylam Pharmaceuticals (ALNY) is led by a chief executive with a bold vision to use RNA interference (RNAi) to develop therapies that will lead to the end of rare diseases, such as Transthyretin-related hereditary (TTR) amyloidosis and various disorders of the blood.

Evelo and Epiva Biosciences Merge to Become a Leading Immuno-Microbiome Platform Company  July 13, 201

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. – Less than a year after it exited stealth mode, startup Evelo BioSciences has found a kindred spirit in another Flagship Ventures company, Epiva Biosciences. The two companies, both developing microbiome therapies, will combine efforts in a new company to become the leading immuno-microbiome platform company in the U.S.

Startup Bioz Launches With First Search Engine Built for Life Science Research July 20, 2016

PALO ALTO, Calif. – If you’re a scientific researcher a huge chunk of your time is taken up by plowing through countless articles to determine how to structure your research. That process takes a long time. Until now, there had not been a better way.

That’s where Bay Area-based Bioz comes in. The new software startup has unveiled an industry-first search engine built exclusively for the life sciences industry.

Theranos CEO Elizabeth Holmes Banned from Operating a Lab for Two Years July 8, 2016

PALO ALTO, Calif. – The hammer has fallen. Elizabeth Holmes, the embattled chief executive officer of blood testing company Theranos, will not be allowed to own or operate a blood testing laboratory for two years, the company announced on its website Thursday afternoon.