Magazine Articles
I write features and reviews for several magazines in the Chicago area. Samples of that work can be found here. 

News Articles
A collection of articles from more than a decade as a community news reporter and editor.

Magazine Management
Over the course of a year I oversaw the editorial content of 10 Chicagoland community magazines. I planned the layout of each magazine, wrote articles and edited submitted content for each monthly publication.

Business to Business
Writing for publications aimed at specific business and industry insiders, including the pulp and furniture industries, as well as clothing manufacturers.

Alex in the Media
As a reporter I have been part of the media for many years, but there have been a few times in my career when I was part of the story. I've been on several radio programs as a guest addressing a story I reported. I have also written a number of book reviews, some of which have been included in the publisher's marketing materials.